Essential Soul Purpose Youth

“Essential Soul Purpose Youth” MENTORING Program Outline

The Essential Soul Purpose Youth (ESPY) mentoring program links Youths ages 14 to 17 with Entrepreneurs who provide guidance, support and help on a team basis to encourage mentees to start and succeed in business Ownership and Opportunities.

Our program will expose Youth ages 14 to 17 to positive Role Models to encourage them to practice healthier living, to start and grow their own direct sales or small business and set positive goals for their adult lives. Youth will develop friendship and socialization skills while connecting with adults and building relationships.

In our program, Youth will engage in productive activities that develop life skills, establish positive relationships and increase their ability to interact with people, groups and things from various cultural-socioeconomic backgrounds. Our program consists of Team Mentoring, Group Activities, Community Events, Training & Development and Awards/Recognition.

- There will be 15 mentee’s in our program.
- Group Activities will take place quarterly.
- Awards/Recognition will take place quarterly.
- Training will include: Self Care, Healthy Living, Beauty: Hair/Make-up, Internet & Social Media and business marketing.

Program Guidelines:
- Meetings will take place twice per quarter; online, conference calls, by email and/or in person.
- The Mentoring relationship shall last for at least One Year.
- Meetings will take place in the “workplace”, online and in social settings during the weekends.

At the conclusion of our program, Youth will be able to:
- Act as advocates, coaches and team leaders in the community.
- Demonstrate broader life management skills: goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution and money management.
- Maintain regular interaction and relationships with Business Partners and as Business Owners in the community.

Contact Information:
To apply for our mentoring program, please contact, Nakia Evans, at 443-864-1358